It’s prescribed

5 Apr

How do you admit you have a problem when your doctor is writing the prescription?  I think that if you ask am I addicted, you are.  I read in some NA literature that people without addiction problems do not sit around and wander am I an addict?  I see so many mothers who are out of it.  There eyes are glazed over and some are incoherant at times.  They are taking antidepressant and antianxiety medication.  Many also consume pain killers.  We as mothers have to take an honest and hard look at ourselves.  Many of us are overwhelmed and instead of cutting back we find medications that help us to push on and forward , when we really need to slow down.  There are instances where medication is needed.  If you are taking enough medication to where you black out, fall asleep while sitting up, or are very irritable without meds you are more than likely developing or nurturing an addiction.  Your doctor does not know when you use too much medication.  It is not his or her responsibility to search your heart.  They should be responsible but ultimate responsibility is with us!


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