What can NA offer?

5 Apr

When I realised I needed help I wasn’t really sure what help looked like.  I was told to go to NA meetings.  I had heard of AA/NA and knew that you went said your name and admitted you were an alcoholic and everyone clapped!  I had no clue the difference in the two groups or what they could offer me.  My first meeting I was scared to death to say the least.  I found one as far from my home and neighborhood as I was willing to drive.  I did not want anyone to recognize me.  Everyone was friendly, the meeting opened with a serenity prayer and reading of a passage from a book.  The floor was then opened to a speaker.  As he spoke his feelings and thoughts were the same that I had been feeling for a while.  The desperate seeking of drugs and emptiness without them.  The floor was then opened to anyone who wanted to speak then closed with the serenity prayer.  Many meetings are different and the same.  The message is universal, there is hope and help if you want it.  They provide help with books and the sharing of experiences.  This is definitely simplifying the group.  They help you find a sponsor someone you can call when you are struggling with staying clean.  They have 12 steps that you can work that lead you to a realistic look at your problem and real ways to heal yourself .   I have worked with the workbooks to assist me in working steps.  It is awesome.  There are many ways to get clean and stay that way.  NA and the help you can find there should not be overlooked.  The program is set that you can tailor it to your beliefs in God.  For me hearing the story of someone so different from me yet so much the same was eye-opening.  This person was clean and there was hope that I could stay that way too!


2 Responses to “What can NA offer?”

  1. timzauto April 6, 2012 at 7:39 am #

    I think it all depends on the group that you find …if it doesn’t suit your needs find another..nice article….

    • lifeinrecovery May 7, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

      That is so true. There really is a group out there for everyone. I have tried many. Ive actually found that I enjoy meditation which I had never tried before the meetings!

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