Does it really cause problems?

16 Apr

I heard someone talking and they truly could not see how addiction has changed the lives of the ones they love.  We sometimes think that if our family doesn’t know whats wrong with us then they are not involved.  It’s just not true.  It affects everyone around us!  Our children get a parent that is only half present.  The excuse may be made that we have more energy when high or are more sociable.  That again is not true it’s just our perception.  It’s this perception which keeps people in active addiction and causes relapse.  If we really saw ourselves we would see its a false truth.  We are slurring, sleepy, sloppy and any other y ending words we can think of.   Who is caring for our children why we are getting our drug, taking our drug and withdrawing from our drug?  Who helps our spouse when we are passed out or hung over the next day?  Addiction affects everyone!!  I hurt my family greatly and never saw it until I got cleaned up!!!


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