Something new!

7 May

So constantly in recovery, I hear start something new, try something new.  So I decided to give it a go!  I have started learning how to sew. Ii have always wanted to know how to sew but, never really had the time.  So over the past few months I have been learning to sew.  Our church was hosting a mother daughter banquet and I decided to make matching skirts for me and my two daughters!  We are definitely not a family that wears matching clothes.  LOL  Anyways Considering I can barely sew a straight line this was a huge project.  I definitely didn’t want to look like I had sewed our skirts.  I spent tons of time on the internet researching how to make them, how to make them not look ridiculous.  So I stayed up hours at night doing these skirts.  So they were finished and we were off to the banquet.  It turned out to be awesome so many people commented and loved the skirts.  Weve been asked to make some for some of the other girls.  My oldest daughter loved wearing something and being able to say her mom made it and yes she could make you one.  This was the exact opposite of what I expected her to say!  I know it’s not our kids job to be proud we are their parents, but if you have a teenager you understand that we are the most embarrassing people on the face of the earth in their eyes!  So to have her actually be like that was good,,, well it was a shocker!  If you are out there and you’re in recovery, or your sad, depressed, happy, struggling,,, whatever you are,  Trying something new can bring you joy in a way that’s least expected!  I never thought sewing could help my relationship with my daughter yet it did.   We have to get out of our ruts and comfort zones and just try something new!  Dont wait til you have to rebuild your life to get out there!


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