What helped with detox?

Hopefully you have read detox how was it?  It will just help make this a bit clearer as I will not  be reviewing my detox on a by day account.  This post is just a compiled version of some of the things I have learned through experience, what worked for me only and what didn’t work for me only.  I want to reiterate I should not have went through detox at home the risks are far to high.

Some of the things I found through research and word of mouth are neither safe or recommended for someone in detox but I was desperate and at the time no one knew what I was doing so it was all I had.

Over the counter cough suppressant:  There is research that this will help alleviate some symptoms associated with detox.  In some countries they are piloting programs using this as opposed to methadone etc.  I did use this.  I have no clue how much it helped I was so sick, who is to say had I not taken it would I have been sicker or not.  I did find that by day four still no sleep but starting to feel some better this made me feel more sluggish.  It did not help restless legs so I was tired and sleepy but, couldn’t sleep.  I did not take it any more.  So it may have helped to relax me some during the worst of it.

Ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain:  Since a lot of the medication I was taking had Tylenol in it I used Tylenol, figured it couldn’t hurt to not be withdrawing from Tylenol during this time, if there is even such a thing?  Ibuprofen did help some, not much but anything was better than nothing.  However found that it made diarrhea worse, and not good coming back up.

Valerian root:  I read this was natures Valium.  I was all over that.  I did not research properly, so I did not realize it too increased diarrhea and supposed to be used with lots of water.  This was about the nastiest smelling stuff.  Horrible!  Coming back up is horrific!  It is supposed to help restless legs and insomnia.  I found that it helped to relax me a bit.  Just enough to where I wasn’t climbing the walls, but still thought about it!

Benadryl:  Wow what a horror this was for me.  I was taking Benadryl like candy!  When I used opiates, Benadryl increased the effects.  What I later found out once I cleared up and some symptoms began to go away,  BENADRYL CAN CAUSE RESTLESS LEGS!  This is why I wasn’t sleeping, the restless legs.  I have heard this symptom last a few days, mine was well over a week.  I do think that it was actually the Benadryl at the end of the week causing the problem for me.  I have since used Benadryl and was up all night with restless legs!     

Immodium:  Helped some not much.  Apparently you are supposed to take a whopper dose if you used opiates.  I did,, it did not matter.  I continued to take anyways because it does attach to same receptors as opiates in intestines and I figured anything I could cover up or attach to couldnt hurt.

Some nonpharmacalogical measures I learned actually worked better than all of the drugs if I think back.  At the time however I was very dependant on pills fixing my issues and took comfort in taking tons of pills to fix this problem.  Not good nor right but, is the truth.

Hot Baths:  Day two and three I would crawl to the bathtub and roll myself in.  I was too exhausted to use soap and didn’t.  The hot water hurt at first because my senses were so heightened but once I got used to it, my muscles relaxed, I would stop shivering and the chill would be knocked off.  I spent as much time as I could in the tub.  Be warned it is miserable when you get out, but worth it for a little relief while it lasts.  I would recommend having towels clothes and blankets beside of tub for immediate application!

Go Outside: When I heard this, well who can get outside when you can’t walk?  Once I could, I did and it helped with my mood tremendously.  There is still life and a world out there!  Even just blankly looking at it was a help.  Plus the sun, well its the sun!

Drink juice: Ok good luck with that!  It made me so sick and burnt like fire coming up!  Flat coke in lots of ice was best for me.  You can shake the bottle a few times leave it open to slowly let air out and it will be flat in no time.

Talk to someone:  I did not do this.  Once I did, everything changed.  So I say the sooner the better.  If nothing else there is alot of support online just go and read stuff others have said.  That I did do and what a help it was.

Exercise: This is a joke right?  I tried I did.  Once the full-blown detox started it was all I could do to crawl to the bathroom so that may count for exercise!  Around day five or six I did start very short daily walks to get my sea legs back.  I had to force myself to do this but, it did help! 

If you are trying to stop using drugs you know how serious your problem is or is not.  Only you know what and how much you are using.   If nothing else be honest with yourself.  If you need help detoxing go get it!  Go to an emergency room say I am detoxing off of this drug, these are my symptoms, help me!  They cannot turn you away!  If they try to ask to speak to their boss, and also ask for a phone book.  You need to go ahead and alert your family as to which lawyer they should call in the event that something happens to you when you leave.  They can’t send someone away who is DKA (a crisis from diabetes).  Neither can they send you away when you are in a crisis with your disease of addiction.  You are at risk of dehydration, seizures, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac arrest and death to name a few.

I am no expert on detox or drug addiction.  I am only this person who lived through it.  I did find that reading the posts from those who had went through it helped me the most.  Unfortunately I had to read so many, none were full accounts.    This is my journey and I hope that something I say gives hope or comfort to someone else.   I would love to hear any experiences you have had, are having, or how you got help with it.


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