I was thinking today about some of the people I have met during my journey and how sad some parts of the stories are.  I think it is a true blessing that as nurses with addiction that the board of nursing works with us and lets us work again.  I would say that you have to remain focused on how grateful we are to avoid obsessing over the fact that no one will hire you!  I have known those that it has taken years to find someone who is willing to give them a shot.  I started thinking about why are we so nonhireable despite the obvious reasons.  Many are scared of the thought of dealing with the board of nursing or a nurse who is involved with them.  There is also the risk that you will relapse which is obvious concern and well founded.  The stipulations are hard to work with but, in many places they don’t affect your work yet still those places will not hire you.  I think that one of the things that truly keeps us from getting jobs may be what was set in place to protect us.  I have been told that once you are diagnosed with a disease of addiction you are covered by the disability act.  Meaning you cannot be fired for that disability.  If anyone has info on this please share.  One could assume being that health care workers sometimes just stink at their job many places may not want to hire someone who they may later have a very difficult time firing!  Just a thought as I try to work through all of the reasons to not get hired and address those issues in interviews to hopefully put the potential employers mind at ease!!!


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