Accused, whats next?

I feel that some of my blogs go on forever!  So I wanna do a quick list of events.  After this happened to me I wanted to know what to expect next!So for the nurses out there here is how it went!

Someone made an anonymous complaint about something different.   Was taken for a urine and blood sample.  Suspended from work.  A few days later notified that Board of nursing and State Bureau Of Investigation were being notified.  A week later results in.  Was called by a doctor to turn in prescriptions.  Was then called by SBI.  Questioned very harshly and accused of stealing the kitchen sink almost literally.  I called BON, I had heard of alternative to discipline program, reported addiction, was sent a contract to sign, this surrendered license for 30 days no matter what.  Was told I needed to find a treatment facility, and would be contacted to sign contract.   Started Outpatient Treatment.  One week in employer finally notifies me to come in for a meeting.  Despite clean drug screen ( only because I had prescriptions) I was terminated anyways.  About one month in went to sign contract.

Three NA meetings a week.   for one year, two a week for two years.  Random drug screens, call in to a system daily.   Treatment program including 1.5 years of aftercare.  Surrender of license 3 months.  A whole set of rules, no meds unless submit forms for use.  Dr visits must be recorded and transcriptions and care notes turned over to board.  Etc.

Then Basically from there I have just kept going.  I signed the contract.  Never heard from SBI again.  However I’m still pretty close so who knows I may still.

If you have the chance to join a program do!  Don’t try to fight if you have a problem.  Most people in my groups fought and are still in the same thing as me but, a year wasted fighting!   I have seen some say well I’m not doing that.  I will lose license for a year then just get them back.  For my state you still have to then start the program in one year or they think you’re not serious.. If it was so easy to just not have license for a year then get them back without a three-year commitment everyone would do that!

Remember they are there to protect the public!  Not your buddy nor pal.  Once you realise they are just doing their job not trying to be mean, it will make your life easier.  Sometimes we just have to accept that some people are paid to not be nice to you at certain times.  If you have a loaded gun pointing at someone the police are not your buddies, they protect the public!

Take time and enjoy the process.  I was so out of control, didn’t know what to do or how to do it, for so long!  It can be nice to just submit to the process and let someone say HEY, this is what works, this is what you are going to do, now do it!  A little mindless following, for a just a little while, can be nice!  I’m sure many will disagree there are hundreds of websites stating it’s not fair to have NA meetings demanded etc.  I get it I do!  Unfortunately I think most of the ones on the band wagon are those who refused to do it and were dropped from the program.  The Board of Nursing isn’t stupid, they have studied what works and what works best, that’s what they are going to require us to do.  Believe me I have the hardest time with the meeting schedule but, it has worked!  What else can you really ask for?



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